Attracting Investors & Small businesses

Our city needs to attract Startups and Tech companies, without relying on tax break. We have learnt so much from Amazon HQ2 bid. The old traditional economic development model of giving subsidies and incentives needs to be replaced with new 21st century strategy that is intensive focused on public investments in startup ecosystem infrastructure.
As your next city council leader, we need to invest innovation and job creation that can attract international talent, secondly build basic infrastructure to make sure we have a growth in the future, and we are able to attract highly trained talent in our city.
Lastly, we need to tap the diverse communities to drive higher economic returns, also building equity.
In ward 6, we have small businesses that were affected by aftermath of tragic death of George Floyd and the covid 19 pandemic. Most of this small business are owned by people of colour, immigrants and women etc.
As a city, small business is vital to our economy, we need to bring forth a comprehensive plan, and coordinate with the State, and county in ideas, funds and resources, on we can rebuild affected area back to a thriving, safe and livable neighborhood.