Public safety and Police role

Public safety is my number 1 priority, we need to have a deep conversation within the community, especially with the experts, victims and residents of Minneapolis.
About how we should move forward as the community, to reimagining what public safety is and should be.
We have had various reforms to date, and we can see how these reforms have not worked. We need to dismantle the systematic racism that is perpetuated within the department.
Amending the charter for a name change is just a sound bite, that will take another 1-2 years before any real change can be seen.
Changing names from the Minneapolis police department to the Department of public safety and crime prevention won’t solve the real issue. We need comprehensive legislation from Minnesota legislatures that has police accountability, not the watered-down police reform legislation that got passed a few weeks ago.
I fully support chief MedariaArrandondo to be the right person for the job as the chief police, certainly, we know he sued the department before, he wants to change, but we have to give him power through bold policy reform legislation.