Opioid crisis

The last few 15 years we have had an increase in all drug categories; synthetic opioids (fentanyl &carfentanyl) psychostimulants( methamphetamine) and heroin etc.
In our community, (whites, African Americans, and American Indians), Opioids has become one of the leading causes of a drug overdose.
We need to understand social determinants that lead to our fellow Americans developing substance use. For example poverty, social isolation, social inequities, racism, sexual exploitation, classism and all the risk factors.
Ending the Opioid crisis requires all hands on deck, better coordination based on urgent, evidence-based approaches that will be addressed by research.
This pandemic is not one’s personal problem, you and I need to beat it together. The city of Minneapolis needs to have a better strategy in prevention treatment, recovery services in collaboration with the Hennepin County, and the State, Better data, better pain management, better research.